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10 November, 2015

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3Sixty Create has merged with The Tomorrow Lab, part of The Pierce Partnership: pretty big hitters in the world of Digital, Design, Brand and Print Management.

In fact, these guys can trace their roots back to 1929, so that’s a lot of experience and integrity combined with fresh, new and inspiring thinking.

We will now operate under the name The Tomorrow Lab, with our main office in Dargan Crescent, Belfast. The Tomorrow lab will have two specialist divisions, Create and Connect.

The Tomorrow Lab Creates

Our Web Division will help you create an online shop-front selling your brand, products and services. Web design with us is about form and function, beauty and purpose and a never-ending emphasis on the user. However, we believe that a website is only the beginning of something brilliant.

The Tomorrow Lab Connects

Here, we relentlessly invent online strategies through search engine optimization (SEO), advertising solutions, PPC, social media marketing, content creation and much more, helping you stand out online and continuously connect with the people that matter most: your customers.

Be assured

While our merger means changes to our name and address, we want to assure all our clients that they’ll still be dealing with the same people, who’ll be delivering the same high standards of digital wizardry. It’s just that now, you’ll have even more expertise, knowledge and talent to draw on. And that means even more digital power to you.

Put simply, you’ll get us - and then some.

You can also still reach us on our original phone lines, so feel free to give us a call anytime. We would personally like to thank all our clients for the opportunity to work with them and hugely value their loyalty, which has enabled us to take this huge leap forward.

Is your website working as hard as you are?

18 August, 2015

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Think of the websites you use most.

What is it about them that makes you revisit them time and time again?

There are millions of websites out there, all competing for business, all keen to get their wares out there to the world.

So when someone clicks through to your site, how do you hold their interest, engage with them, capture them and ultimately do business with them?

One way to put your website to the test is to pretend to be a customer…

       1) How easy is your website to find using a key word search?

       2) Upon click through, does your site give a good first impression?

       3) How easy is it to navigate?

       4) Is it too text heavy? (Remember, people generally scan and skim information online).

       5) Does it have some breathing space – simple is often best.

       6) Does it deliver all the information your customer needs?

The true test of whether a website works or not is its ease of use. If customers are having a hard time finding you or if it’s difficult to navigate around your site, they’ll simply quit and find one that’s easier to use.

So the trick is, make your website a walk in the park for potential customers. That way, they’ll keep coming back.

Let us at 3SixtyCreate give your current website a once-over.

We’ll give you our expert advice on what you could do to make your website work much harder for you.

Click here for examples of some recent websites we’ve been working on…

How the digital world still needs a human touch

14 August, 2015

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For those of you who are still a tad resistant to the digital revolution, let us allay those fears a little.

There’s no doubt that digital has transformed the way we live, communicate, buy things, do business, interact, behave and so on - and all in the blink of an electronic eye.

But pause for just a second, and you’ll see that there is still a very valid place for us humans to feature.

In its wildest dreams, technology cannot emit emotion, pre-planned programmes can’t pull at your heartstrings and algorithms can - never in a million years - sympathise or empathise with you.

For that, you need the power of the human.

Knock that screen of yours, and there is in fact a person behind there. Somewhere.

That’s how we really connect.

A carefully worded post, a ‘thought for the day’, a ‘me too’ message that lets us know we’re not alone on this planet with just reams of data and endless encrypted code for company.

At 3Sixty Create, we believe that the trick to successful social media communications is to keep it real - and in real time.

People are and always will be individuals – one size will never fit all. So be clever with your comms online, be witty, watchful, and most of all – deliver the human touch where possible – so people feel valued and not just another number/code/data/field/string/formula…

Talk to our team about real time response social media to help bring the human touch to your digital output.

The debate rages on right here:

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